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Mazal Tov! It's a boy! 


Infant Circumcision - Home Visits & Aftercare

As you now navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood, you are also faced with the task of arranging a Bris/circumcision. Call Rabbi Mendel, and he will gently and reassuringly walk you through all the steps, as well as professionally perform the Bris/circumcision. You will be completely satisfied with the whole experience, as he will guide you through the aftercare, and will make himself available at any time of day or night should you have any questions or concerns.

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Rabbi Mendel Vaisfiche C.M. is an ordained Rabbi and certified Mohel (circumciser), trained in all areas of circumcision. He studied circumcision and was trained by experts in the medical and rabbinical fields in London and the U.S., and received his international certification from the London School of Circumcision.


Known for his warm and caring personality, he is committed to providing a sense of confidence and calm to anxious first-time parents. He performs the circumcision in a quick, natural way with minimal pain. In-person prep visits, follow ups and check-ins before and after the procedure are the norm. Rabbi Mendel pays meticulous attention to fine detail and deft skill while adhering to the highest level of medical and Halachic technique. He excels in his care and sensitivity to both mother and baby, ensuring a smooth and professional experience for the entire family.


Rabbi Mendel Vaisfiche C.M.


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